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The Role of Children and Young People in the Transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
(8 minutes)

Severity of Acute COVID-19 in Children <18 Years Old March 2020 to December 2021.
(24 minutes)

Long COVID (post-COVID-19 condition) in children: a modified Delphi process.
(23 minutes)

Youth Well-being During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
(39 minutes)

Expression of ACE2 - A Key SARS-CoV-2 Entry Factor - Is Not Increased in the Nasal Mucosa of People with Cystic Fibrosis.
(18 minutes)

Disruption of Pediatric Emergency Department Use during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
(21 minutes)

"It's hard to keep a distance when you're with someone you really care about"-A qualitative study of adolescents' pandemic-related health literacy and how Covid-19 affects their lives.
(32 minutes)

Use of Tobacco Products, Alcohol, and Other Substances Among High School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Adolescent Behaviors and Experiences Survey, United States, January-June 2021.
(20 minutes)

Disruptions to School and Home Life Among High School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Adolescent Behaviors and Experiences Survey, United States, January-June 2021.
(20 minutes)

Vaccines: Vaccination for Justice-Involved Youth.
(21 minutes)

Vaccines: Non-Maleficence, Social Benefit and the Vaccination of Children.
(14 minutes)

Vaccines: COVID-19 Patient Vaccine Program Design and Implementation: An Academic Children's Hospital's Model, Approach, and Outcomes.
(19 minutes)

Vaccines: An instrument to measure psychosocial determinants of health care professionals' vaccination behavior: Validation of the Pro-VC-Be questionnaire.
(49 minutes)

Testing: Performance of the LumiraDx Microfluidic Immunofluorescence Point-of-Care SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test in Asymptomatic Adults and Children.
(18 minutes)

Treatments, resource utilization, and outcomes of COVID-19 patients presenting to emergency departments across pandemic waves: an observational study by the Canadian COVID-19 Emergency Department Rapid Response Network (CCEDRRN).
(23 minutes)

Fatal SARS-CoV-2-Associated Panton-Valentine Leukocidin-producing Staphylococcal Bacteremia: A Nationwide Multicenter Cohort Study.
(10 minutes)

MIS-C: Distinguishing Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children From COVID-19, Kawasaki Disease and Toxic Shock Syndrome.
(19 minutes)

MIS-C/Letter: Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children After Breakthrough Infection in a COVID-19-vaccinated Child.
(5 minutes)

Letter to the Editor: Spontaneous maternal coagulopathy in COVID-19.
(3 minutes)

April 1, 2022
April 2, 2022

April 3, 2022
April 4, 2022
Vaccines:  COVID-19 vaccine (mRNA BNT162b2) and COVID-19 infection-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura in adolescents.
(7 minutes)

Vaccines:  COVID-19 vaccination in children and adolescents aged 5 years and older undergoing treatment for cancer and non-malignant haematological conditions: Australian and New Zealand Children's Haematology/Oncology Group consensus statement.
(18 minutes)

Health Care in Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Pregnancy Outcomes in Six Low-and-Middle-Income Countries: Evidence from a Prospective, Observational Registry of the Global Network for Women's and Children's Health.
(31 minutes)

A Multi-year Assessment of Sport Participation During the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Health of Adolescent Athletes.
(41 minutes)

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in educational settings in 2020: a review.
(24 minutes)

Vaccines:  Factors associated with COVID-19 vaccine intent among Latino SNAP participants in Southern California.
(25 minutes)

Lessons learned from academic medical centers' response to the COVID-19 pandemic in partnership with the Navajo Nation.
(30 minutes)

Vaccines:  Understanding national trends in COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Canada: results from five sequential cross-sectional representative surveys spanning April 2020-March 2021.
(41 minutes)

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on eating disorders: A systematic review.
(33 minutes)

Vaccines:  Factors affecting COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in parents of children with cancer.
(17 minutes)

Letter: Studying severe long COVID to understand post-infectious disorders beyond COVID-19.
(17 minutes)
April 5, 2022
April 6, 2022
April 7, 2022
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