We hope that you will join us for our concurrent sessions. Please note there is no additional charge to attend a concurrent session, but that we are asking attendees to pre-register. Please note that for those concurrent sessions which are hands-on, attendance will be limited to provide an optimal experience for attendees. 

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Primary Care for Medically Complex Children (Thursday only) 

It is sometimes difficult to know what is important to discuss with patients who see multiple medical providers and what a primary care doctor’s role is with a patient who has so many specialists involved. We will discuss coordination of care of multiple subspecialists and how to advocate for your medically complex patient with those subspecialists as someone who does comprehensive care. We will also discuss working with home care companies, home nursing agencies and getting durable medical equipment for patients at home.

LARC (Long-Acting Reversible Contraception) Demonstration and Discussion (Thursday and Friday)

The workshop will be an introduction to hormonal implant and IUD equipment and demonstrations of insertion and removal. You will also learn more about counseling regarding these methods, how to address and troubleshoot concerns, side effects, and complications, as well as tips for coding and billing. Limited to 20 people. 

Note: While there will be some hands-on practice for implant and IUD insertion and removal, the goal of this workshop is to increase familiarity and comfort with these methods. Due to time constraints as well as industry and hospital regulations, the training provided will not constitute certification for placement of these methods. Information can be provided about formal training for provision of LARC.

Office Procedures (Thursday and Friday)

Learn how to perform and bill for minor office procedures. This workshop will consist of hands-on practice of several minor office procedures including foreign body removal (ear, nose, skin), nail trephination, molluscum removal, suturing of minor lacerations and splinting. You will also experience high fidelity simulation and review your preparedness in case of office emergencies. Limited to 15 participants. 

Fluoride Application and Vision Screening Demonstration  (Thursday and Friday)

A hands-on practical session of both Fluoride varnishing in the office for children 1 to 3 or four years of age and vision screening using a handheld device for children under four and older children who cannot use the wall vision chart as per the new AAP guidelines Attendees will actually varnish each other's teeth (if willing) and practice vision testing on each other with handouts and a discussion on insurance coverage issues and pediatric populations. Limited to 20 participants. 

Febrile Infant Workup (Friday only) 

Encounters for the evaluation of a febrile infant are frequent. What to order? CBC, CRP, urinalysis, urine culture, blood culture, chest xray, lumbar puncture, respiratory PCR, stool study, newer tests? We will review and discuss the latest literature regarding the assessment of a febrile infant and provide you with evidence based reasoning for recommended approaches.  

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